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Wonder Why 32: Foster the People

November 24, 2020

How soon is too soon to label a band a one hit wonder? That's the question asked by this episode of Wonder Why as we delve into the success, or lack thereof, for Foster the People. Busting onto the scene in 2011 with "Pumped Up Kicks," a song that reached number three on the Billboard chart, success seemed likely for the Alt-Pop band.  Surprisingly in the following 9 years, Foster the People have had limited success on the main charts. They did come close to another Top 40 hit falling just two spots shy.

@chadsmart and @MikeDeKalb examine three studio albums to try and understand the challenges Foster the People have failed to overcome to achieve more hits. Their conclusion puts the blame less on Mark Foster and group and more on the state of the modern day music industry. 

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