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Chad & Eric’s FAN-tastic Podcast 11: Virtual Comic-Con

July 14, 2020

A summer time tradition on the Positive Cynicism podcasts is to do a San Diego Comic Con preview episode. Normally Eric Bennett would be making his list of panels to see and merchandise to buy while @chadsmart would start feeling regret of not making the trip to San Diego for the annual "nerd culture" event of the year.  Due to Covid-19, the SDCC was cancelled for the first time. Instead of having to travel to sunny southern California, fans will now be able to watch panels on the official SDCC YouTube channel. 

Chad and Eric discuss if they're looking forward to this change and if this could lead to future conventions making more content available to people to watch from home.  They also speculate on if SDCC has reached it's peak of pop culture promotion leading Hollywood to scale back their presentations. 

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